About  Susan Zegarsky


Artist. Writer. Flâneuse.

Wonder seeker. World traveler.

Specialist in languages.

Glows in the dark. Swings from stars.

Treasures incredible tales.

Enjoys thunderstorms immensely &

is most probably full of figs.



Artiste.  Écrivaine.  

Alchimiste.  Graphiste.

Voyager du monde et flâneuse

 Je suis adepte curieuse d'arcane.

J'aime vraiment les orages violents.

Je brille dans le noir, bioluminescente,

et je me balance sur les étoiles.

Je prise les contes incroyables.

Je suis joyeuse.





US Publications


The Slake

   The Slake

   Not Telling Tao

The Madrigal

   XIII Requiem

Grim & Gilded Issue 17 

  Memory of earth 

Santa Clara Review Volume 111 Issue 1

   Other dreams 

Hyacinth Review 

   Where the Earth is Hard

Quail Bell Magazine

   Small Fires      

   If you hadn't gone  

   Witch teeth    


Fahmidan Journal  Issue 13


Grim & Gilded  Issue 7

   My hands are composed of butterflies

Coffin Bell  Volume 3, Issue 3


   If You Hadn't Gone

   This is the Face of a Widow

Lynx XVIII:1

   Three Sijo

Ink in Thirds  Issue 9

   Into Thin Air

Autumn Sky

   This is the Face of a Widow 2016

   From the Archives Feature 2020

Prismatica Magazine

   My Witch Issue 6

   Morningstar Issue 6

   They Issue 14

Cauldron Anthology  Issue X: Cult


   A Dream Begins




The Horror Zine  

Editor's Choice January 2020 & 

Print Edition Fall 2019

   Ghosts of You

   My Dead




Short Fiction


The Dark Elves



In the Skin




The Vuyk

Books of Poetry

Memories of earth  (coming soon)

Exsanguinarium  (coming soon)

Scholarly Articles

Reinventing Vietnam

La Controverse Entourant Le Hijab

La Nouvelle Loi Anti-Terroriste

Erasing the Daughter of Amun-Re


Horror Magazine Editor's Choice Award

Huntsville Museum of Art Book Award

Antonelli Institute of Art 1st in Exhibit

The Tessman Language Award


Susan Zegarsky is an award winning British-Polish writer and visual artist. First a classical pianist and graphic designer directing her own design studio, Susan then spent life traveling the world from her home in Germany. She came to the United States to study world cultures, remained as a language specialist, and now writes and paints full time from her studio. 

Her work as a writer and artist reflects her exploration of the interactions between consciousness, nature and the metaphysical, and she delves into the psychological effects of expatriation, immigration, isolation, motherhood, abuse and grief. A student of Hermetics, she is an aficionado of horror, cabinets of curiosity, languages living and dead, nature and the arcane. 

Susan writes fiction and poetry in French, English and Arabic. Her poetry has been featured in Santa Clara Review, Hyacinth Review, Fahmidan, Prismatica, Coffin Bell Journal, The Slake, Grim & Gilded, Cauldron Anthology, Quail Bell Magazine, Ink in Thirds, Lynx, The Horror Magazine, Autumn Sky, and she always has new work forthcoming in additional literary journals. She is the author of the novel, The Vuyk and the poetry collections Memories of Earth and Exsanguinarium.

Susan hopes to encourage the exploration of forms of poetry like the ghazal, gogyohka, and sijo, and has herself invented the form of the septine. She has also written under a pen name.

Her work can be found on her website www.zegarsky.com and she is @ouisuzette on social media.


Thank you for spending your time enjoying my work. Buy my forthcoming books of poetry Memories of earth and Exsanguinarium and my novel The Vuyk and follow me for more art and writing. Come and visit often ~ there will always be something new.

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