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White & Winter ~ Coming December 2023 for winter 2023-24   

One new haiku or short poem a day ( & sometimes more) never before published ~

a taste of the gothic spirit, for the cold, white season of ghosts & memories.

The Autumn Country & Phantom Season

A poem a day September 2022 for Autumn & October 2022 for Halloween & Samhain.


Featured Poetry


Phantom heart


A thousand lifetimes longing

Far north

Death in blue


The unseen seeps into the threads of our lives,

frenzies the pulse, strikes

the nerves taut, strings of a violin

quick staccato notes sharp, heart leaps bloody

fast and beats into a melody of breathlessness. This myth

of the liminal lies, there is no barrier; our world evaporates

into silver air and the stars warn me I must

stop being so naked all the time, being as

bare branches reaching through moonlight

for the hallowed sky, but I

am not ashamed to say

with this life

I want to touch both worlds,

I will touch both worlds.

©Susan Zegarsky  

Phantom heart

nearing the shore

a tangerine sky, toffee clouds sailing through

I remember the smell of the sea

searching the horizon for her emerald blue

sound of surf in the rise of ocean breeze

I know you never needed me

but I wanted you to

©Susan Zegarsky  


I remember silence as a child alone, deep

silence, the droplets of rain gleaming in silence, in the stillness

after the rain moved on, pavement smooth silver, the small chirps

of black crickets becoming my symphony, my family

the unending silence of these moments no one else shared

teaching a small child

you don’t belong here


I remember the sounds of my children, joy

the loud the noise the laughter the clatter of the chase, battles

of swords and flurries of feet fleeing monsters, the shouting

of made up songs, a rumble of small bodies thundering by

and the stories that flowed like a river of belonging, the we

then the soft bird-singing and small quiet snuffles of breath,

the rustle of hair beneath my fingers, the feathering

of pages being turned

©Susan Zegarsky  

A thousand lifetimes longing

the sky can’t tell us about emptiness, being

restless even at night, full of our wishes


sent by dandelion fluff and evening stars

where hills kiss the clouds softly, being


lovers who never speak

©Susan Zegarsky  

Far north

my mama left her body years before her body left us


every moment I tried to stop myself from thinking, stop the engulfing

silence, the tick tick tick of shoes in the hallways, the clocks, the fleeing

of the miniscule seconds left of life


she didn’t want to breathe at all, all I ever wanted was to breathe I held

on to this life with all my might

she never felt me there and I never felt her go we both

were robbed but now


I dream of the aurora in the far north, the sky glittering with diamond dust

and an electric infinity of meteor green

where the ice touches the sky

©Susan Zegarsky  

Death in blue

windswept words,

words inseparable from the wind,

thin wishes, unstable earth;

nothing is solid

except our end


we fear the vast night

for all she hides

in her folds of velvet indigo,

though we are her monsters,

the terrible secrets she conceals


shadow and symphony

©Susan Zegarsky  

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